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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crime and Punishment?

I went to take the Census Test for Fieldworkers today. Some parts of it were as hard as hell! I'm really glad that I took the practice test or I would have been lost. I scored 27 out 0f 28, so I guess that puts paid to the comment that I have holes in my brain. I recognized some of the questions from the practice test but not many.

Anxiety is building about whether I'll be able to find a job. Now that I know that I can get my license back I'm wondering who will hire me with my background. On the Census test today was the dreaded question, "Have you been convicted of any crime"? Not just any felony, any crime at all. I thought the Federal government just asked about crimes that were related to the job being applied for and felonies; I guess I was wrong.

Another thing that is bothering me is that I don't see that many LPN jobs in the newspaper or online. Hopefully, this won't matter because the nursing homes where I used to work didn't always post the vacancies they had.

So, all in all, I'm worried. I will be glad when I get the packet from the Board that tells me what I have to do to get my license back. That will give me something positive to work on.

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